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Shattered Dream - Johnny Hates Jazz

"Shattered Dreams" by the British group Johnny Hates Jazz. The band's debut single was a successful hit. The song peaked at #5 1987 for three weeks and a total of 16 weeks in the charts.

Shattered Dream Lyrics

So much for your promises
They died the day you let me go
Caught up in a web of lies
But it was just too late to know

I thought it was you
Who would stand by my side

And now youve given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart

You said youd die for me

Woke up to reality
And found the future not so bright
I dreamt the impossible
That maybe things could work out right

I thought it was you
Who would do me no wrong


From this empty heart

I thought it was you who youd die for love


Oh no no no - you said youd die for me
Oh oh, oh oh, die for me
So much for your promises

Released: 1987
Artist: Johnny Hates Jazz
Album: Turn Back the Clock
Genre: Pop